Just, Life.


First and foremost let me get this little PSA out of the way… Attention all women across the Globe: DO NOT ANNOUNCE YOUR PREGNANCY TO SOMEONE BATTLING INFERTILITY VIA SNAPCHAT. THANKS.

I mean honestly, how many pregnancy announcements will I get in my lifetime on Snap Chat? This marks #2 in 3 months. The icing on the cake for this announcement? She left her husband about 6 months ago because he BEAT HER. She had a restraining order on him and he was threatening her life. She decided she couldn’t live without him and took him back… They immediately started ttc.

And people like THAT get babies. Bye Felicia.

Anyway, on with life… E and mines anniversary is tomorrow! We don’t have anything excited planned because we’ve basically spent every dime we have on new furniture and appliances for the new house. We are old. We’ll probably go see 300 and get dinner at the Japanese place we had our first date! That’s the perfect kind of night though, I don’t need anything special or extravagant. I just need time with my hubby. I am extremely blessed to have him. He is amazing. ❤

So in TTC news, I just finished up my second round of Clomid. Still no side effects aside from crazy dreams and amazing sleep. I swear I have never slept better in my life. I call it the Clomid Coma. My dosage was doubled this month so I am praying that does the trick. I feel positive this month like this is THE month… but, let’s be honest, I feel that way every month. I just want it to be my turn. I want to be the one with the exciting news this time.


15 thoughts on “Just, Life.

  1. Ick – pregnancy announcement via snapchat – seems kind of like they are quickly smacking you across the face and then running away. I think it is good you are hopeful every month – I am too. Thinking good thoughts for you 🙂

    • That is EXACTLY how it feels. I was immediately sick to my stomach.

      Without hope, what would we have?! Sending good vibes & thoughts your way too!! 🙂

  2. I would have to say that is worse that stumbling upon it on Facebook! My 22 year old unmarried cousin did that. I was viscerally angry when it was announced on FB… I’m ready for my turn. I’m onto month 8 TTC. Good luck to you and I hope this is your month!

    • I agree with Facebook! I have come across several lately and I completely lose it. I find that I have blocked so many friends from my news feed because I cannot handle the weekly pregnancy photos or million newborn pics. I can’t hold it against them for posting as they should be excited but it really does feel like a slap in the face as I want to be able to post all of that. Good luck and I hope it happens for all of us battling infertility soon!

      • Some day we will be posting just like they are!! I am confident that there is a happy ending for me somehow. Whether that be naturally or adoption. And the best thing? Us women who have struggled with getting pregnant will be so much more grateful and will truly understand how precious our little babies are. Good luck to you too girl!!

    • I have been blessed to have some good friends who tell me the proper way and are sensitive to my situation, but most friends and family let me find out on facebook too. And then they immediately get hidden from my news feed! haha Good luck to you, I’ll be thinking about you!!

    • You’re right, even when someone tells you in person it still hurts a little! But, It will be our turn soon enough! And here’s to hoping we have the most epic facebook baby announcements ever! haha

  3. Lucky you for not having any side effects on Clomid. Ugh Im on day 4 of 5. Good Luck this cycle with tons of baby dust!

    • Last month I had some pretty extreme pain just before ovulation, but otherwise I have been lucky. Which is rare for me, I usually get hit with every side effect possible. Good luck to you on this cycle too!!

  4. I really despise the many ways social media allows for easy pregnancy announcements. The only good thing is I can often hide myself when I do visit FB versus hearing those same announcements in the workplace…where literally everyone is pregnant always. Sometimes I HATE working with women! Happy, happy anniversary though! And hopefully this is THE month! And that clomid doesn’t become a wicked witch for you 😉 Enjoy the movie and dinner!!

  5. Just crazy dreams? You are very fortunate. The crazy dreams are probably the most manageable side effect for me – and most interesting too. Gotta love those Wtf wake up, remember dream moments.

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