Mama said there’d be days like this


Today that ache in my heart is overwhelming.

Another pregnancy announcement. Another friend who confides in me and only me that she is expecting. Another meltdown in the work bathroom. Another night crying into ice cream that will make me sick. Another night questioning when enough is enough, when it will be my turn.

Some days that ache is just breath taking. Today is that day.

I need my husband.


25 thoughts on “Mama said there’d be days like this

  1. I’m sorry girly. I feel like it never gets easier. Ok maybe a little easier after awhile. Read my new post if you want. Semi same thing happened to me on Friday…. Eat the ice cream, drink that wine, and cry it out.

  2. A friend had her baby today, posted pics galore of course, then there was the sonogram photo, another friend expecting #2. Just one of those days I guess. I wish, just once, I could see a pregnant person, a newborn, a pregnancy announcement and not feel terrible anger and jealously (which for me leads to guilt too). But I started a new job today, preschool teacher. I always wanted to teach, then gave up the dream because I was convinced I couldn’t be barren around kids all day. I can, I know God wants me too, and today was a good day. I’m gonna love helping to make these little people into who they will be. So the baby/pregnancy posts I came home too… Character builders maybe, I don’t know. I DO know how you feel and I’m so sorry. Love, hugs, prayers.

  3. Sending hugs your way, I wish I could say it gets easier, I think sometimes it just doesn’t hit as hard as others. I currently have a coworker who is expecting and has so happily showed me her ultrasound pic. That particular day I was able to look at them and not burst out in tears afterwards…..I guess I was having a good day.

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