God is SO Faithful


I wrote the following 16 days ago… Update at the very bottom!

Today is a day that will go down in history as one of the best days of my life. Hands down. After 2 1/2 years of trying against all odds to bring a baby into this world, we beat infertility. I am officially pregnant.

Doing IVF for a second time was a long shot in our minds. We thought it would never happen, we would never have the money, it would never be the right time and we would never have biological children. Then something amazing happened. Our family and friends not only prayed for us but donated THOUSANDS of dollars to us so that we would maybe, just maybe have one more shot. And then we thought we’d have to put the rest on credit. But we didn’t have to. We received enough money to pay for our entire cycle, $10,000. Our hearts were so full. What did we do to deserve such an outpouring of love and generosity. We didn’t feel deserving, we still don’t.

So we jumped in head first and as you all know, we retrieved 8 beautiful mature eggs and 6 of those eggs fertilized with ICSI. 11 days ago we transferred 2 grade A embryos and froze the last 4. And the wait began. We prayed. All day, all night, in my dreams, during work meetings, at doctors appointments, while I binged on Sons of Anarchy to pass the time. I constantly had a mental dialogue with God going… thanking him for the support we have around us and for all of our blessings and praying that he would finally fulfill the desires of our hearts. And he did. Just like that, he made our dreams come true.

My beta today was 203. My nurse was so excited about that number and giving us the good news. I got the call at 11:19am at my desk at work and nervously let it go to voicemail. I left immediately and drove home so that E and I could listen together. Thankfully I only live a mile from my work and Eric had taken the day off. And then I heard it… “I don’t know if you’ve peed on a stick yet……… (the longest pause ever)…. but your beta is 203. CONGRATS!!” I screamed, jumped on top of E and started sobbing and shaking uncontrollably. I will NEVER delete that voicemail.

Guys, God is so good. SO GOOD.

Update: My second beta was 409 and we had our first ultrasound on Tuesday and there was one perfect little baby. We saw the flicker of the heartbeat! UNBELIEVABLE feeling. Nothing in the world compares. NOTHING.


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