CleveLand that I LOVE.

Wow. I haven’t posted in a month. Where has the time gone? When people say the older you get, the quicker time flies by, they are not kidding. It’s almost Christmas. SAY WHAT? I am not ready. So where have I been? Uhm. Here. In lovely Fayetteville wishing I was anywhere else. Oh! But I did get away with E for one WONDERFUL long weekend in Cleveland. We made the drive home (my home, not his) to see my friends and family. It was jam packed. But here are the highlights…


I met my 4 day old God Daughter, Madelyn Rose. I am now twice a God mother! Such a blessing!!!


That’s my handsome hubs playing with Madelyn’s big sis, Savannah. He is going to be such a good father!!



My Dad chartered a boat and we headed out on Lake Erie and went fishing with my siblings! We caught almost 200 perch!


E and I went to the Cleveland Air Show with my beautiful Mama!




We went to a Lake County Captains baseball game! That first pic is E and me with my oldest & closest friend (going on 3 decades!!) and her hub. She is pregnant with her second and due on Oct. 18th! I believe I have talked about her before. Her first daughter, Ava, was stillborn at 33 weeks. She has come so far and I am so so so excited for this little one to arrive!! Second pic is my 17 year old baby sis and myself of course! Last one is both my baby siblings and me on the way to the game!




We went bowling with two of my best friends and my amazing God Son, Davin. That little boy is the light of my life. I love him like he was my own. And isn’t his mama just beautiful!?


Lastly, on our last night there, we had a big fam get together at my Aunt’s. That would be my (not-so) little cousin giving us a private concert. He is INCREDIBLY talented and at 15 plays with the Cleveland Orchestra.

After that crazy whirlwind weekend with the most amazing people in the world, we have been laying low at home. Well actually I am laying low at home alone. E is at Fort Polk for a month for training. He left Wednesday and I have almost thrown about 5 full blown temper tantrums because I miss him. I hate being away from him. It never gets easier.

The day E left, I had my IVF orientation on post. It was basically a PowerPoint presentation telling me everything I already know. I meet with the RE on Tuesday to start a game plan of my treatment. I am really hopeful this doctor will be able to help me and will try things my previous doctor hadn’t tried. Fingers Crossed!!