Happy New Year?

ImageI woke up this morning, the very first day of 2014, a day full of hope for changes and a new year, to a snapchat from one of my BEST friends…. of her positive pregnancy test. Insensitive much? Sure, there is no good way to tell someone struggling with infertility that you are pregnant, but being that this woman knows my struggles and is one of my closest friends, I expected something more. I expected a phone call. I would have settled for a text even. But I get a snap chat.

This further confirms my belief that those who have never struggled with infertility will NEVER understand. They will never fully grasp the depth of your sadness, loneliness and anger. They will never have the words to say to make it better. In fact, chances are they will say all the wrong things.

So I shed a few tears, sucked it up and told her congrats. As a former mean girl, what I really wanted to do in that moment was call her an insensitive bitch. But I didn’t. And I won’t. Because she just doesn’t get it and she never will.