Kimmy & Will


Please if you do anything today, take your time to read the story in the above link. I promise it will be worth it, and worth any tears you might shed.

I spent the 10 minutes reading this story and I cannot stop thinking about it. I even went out of my way to find Kimmy and message her on Facebook. I just felt the need to reach out and let her know that her story touched me and that her strength is admirable. As an Army wife, this is my worst nightmare… Not never being able to have children, losing E is the absolute most terrifying thought I have ever had. I am not one of those “hooah” Army wives, but this story about Kimmy & Will has touched me. E is my rock. He is the only person who has made me stand still. He is the only person that I can share the deepest corners of my heart with. He is strong and dedicated to his career in the Army. He inspires me. He is going to be an amazing father someday. He is funny, no he is hilarious, he is so goofy and charismatic and everyone loves him. Yes, he is THAT guy. I am the luckiest girl alive. I always appreciate him, but today, after reading this story I appreciate him so much more. I am blessed to have never had to send E off to war (He deployed for a year in Afghanistan just before we met) and I cannot imagine that goodbye. I know the day will come, and I know there will probably be many of those heartbreaking goodbyes, I am terrified of those goodbyes. I am terrified of him leaving and never setting his boots on American soil again. Tonight I will be snuggling E a little bit tighter and thanking God more than usual for blessing me with such an amazing marriage to this man.

If this story does anything at all, I hope it makes everyone who reads it count their blessings tonight.