New Home & Baby Brain


E and I are moving in 27 days. We found an adorable 3 bedroom home to rent and are upgrading from this tiny little one bedroom. When I moved into this apartment, it was just me and my dog, Sawyer. E and I were dating, and we were serious but he was having cold feet about living together. On my moving day he looks at me and says “I guess I am moving in with you.” REALLY?! PUNK! lol Had I planned for that, I wouldn’t have found a TINY (by tiny I mean like 600 sqft) apartment. 2 weeks later we were engaged. A month after that we were married. Funny how everything happens. Looking back on our last year in this apartment that we made a home is crazy. We added a kitten to our family, Spencer. We have completely filled every corner of this apartment with furniture and decor. We have made so many memories here, it’s our first home together. It will be bittersweet leaving. But I am so excited to be moving into a house! I look at this new house with bright eyes and so much hope. I see opportunity and growth. I can picture us bringing home our first child to this home. I pray so hard about this… That we will welcome a baby to this world within the next year or so.¬†Every single thought in my head turns to baby and pregnancy. I see a house and I think of a nursery and walking like a zombie through the home to nurse my baby at 4 am. It’s a sickness! I have permanent baby brain.

I am currently 9dpo. Well technically I am 9 days passed my positive opk. So 7-9 ish dpo. Probably WAY too early to test. But I did anyway, BFN. The is nothing in this entire world I despise more than seeing that sad little lonely pink line. The day I see double lines I will probably lose my damn mind with excitement.


All Things Are Possible


I have this app on my phone called “Word.” It is a daily devotional and it has gotten me through some of the darkest times in this journey. The sermon always seems to speak right to me and fit my situation on the days I need it the most.

Today’s devotional discusses how with God all things are possible. As men, somethings are in fact humanly impossible. But if we put our faith in Him and let God take the wheel, we may just see that things aren’t so bad. That this is in fact the path He has created for is. And that the impossible can be possible with His salvation, forgiveness and love.

Today, I am feeling positive. I had a positive OPK on Saturday and DTD both Saturday and Sunday. I am feeling hopeful that this was a good month for E and I. And today I feel that, even though I am in pain and my body is fighting this disease, that with my faith this is possible. Conceiving is possible!

Sometimes we get so caught up in the worry and stress of TTC that we forget He has a plan.