The Name Game

ImageI’m a week post op and the past day or so have been experiencing new pains. I have been cramping and have had a headache that will not quit. I haven’t slept through a night yet and last night I woke up with this weird tingling (almost like a painful tickle) in my lower chest on the right side. Of course it gave me anxiety because I am a hypochondriac and that just made it even more impossible to sleep. Awesome! My post op appointment is next Wednesday and I am praying the doc puts me on Clomid for my next cycle. Fingers crossed!

This surgery has put E and I in such great spirits. We are so ready and so hopeful for little baby G! We’ve been talking baby names more than ever. It’s a weird obsession I have actually. When I was 6 or 7 I found this baby names book of my Mom’s and I just sat and read through it over and over and over. I still have that book somewhere actually. I have always had a love for names, and their meanings and origins. I chose my favorite girls name when I was about 10 and it has been my favorite ever since. E has agreed to it but we have yet to completely agree on a boys name.

Future baby G possible names:

Reagan Michelle: Reagan is Irish (as am I!) and means “Little King” It’s a unisex name but I love it for a girl. Michelle is my Mom’s name and means “Who is Like God.” This has been my future baby girls name since 1994 ish thanks to The Exorcist! haha

Aria Madison: Aria is Italian and means “Lioness.” I am a Leo and love the meaning behind my zodiac and the fierceness of a lion. I also have a thing for presidential names, thus the middle name Madison.

Jamison: This is a variation of Jameson, it’s an English name and it’s one of the few boy names Eric has approved! Our first boy will have my maiden name as his middle name. This is a family tradition of mine.

Declan Ryan: Another Irish name that means “Man of Prayer.” I love biblical and religious names. Our second son would have the middle name Ryan. This is E’s middle name and the name of a cousin of his that passed away as a child. Again, an Irish name that means “Little King.” E actually hasn’t approved Declan, but I will keep pushing for it.

Elias: This is a Greek & Hispanic (E is Hispanic!) name that means “Lord is my God.”

Julian: Julian is a Hispanic name and means “Youthful.” I have always loved this name and recently met a little boy named Julian that re-introduced me to my love for this name.

Roman: Another Hispanic name. I love this name, it makes me think of strength and pride.

Luca: Luca is Latin and means “Light.”This is another name I feel represents a strong male.




This photo, along with a devotional, came to me, mid anxiety attack, the night before my surgery. I needed to hear/see this. While all of this pain and suffering has been brought into my life, I will always continue to hold onto hope. And now, a day after my surgery, I feel that hope more than ever.

Surgery went great. My God sent doctor removed cysts on my ovaries, endo and scar tissue inside my pelvic area and cleaned out my Fallopian tubes. This is such good news, little baby G will be here before we know it. As much as I dreaded this surgery I knew that the outcome would be worth it.

Also the nurses were SO INCREDIBLY nice. They took such good care of me and made sure I was not in pain while in recovery. They let me doze on and off and didn’t rush me out at all (the nurses at my previous surgery were evil). E was by my side the entire time and since getting home has basically been waiting on me hand and foot. I am so blessed.

Today the pain is a little worse, but it’s manageable with the Tylenol codeine they sent me home with. I’m extremely bloated and the gas that they pump you with is slowly and painfully escaping one way or another. The gas is actually the worst part in my opinion. It get trapped in your cheat and shoulders and is horribly painful.

I have the next 11 days to recover and get back to myself.

Que the Netflix!

Surgery #2

Image3 years ago I promised myself I would never undergo another laproscopic procedure. I was bruised, bloated, miserable and certain I wouldn’t survive another day. Drugs did nothing. I cried every time I had to sit up, walk to get something or go to the bathroom. In fact going to the bathroom proved to be next to impossible after having endometriosis removed from my rectum and bladder. I would clench a towel in my hands while I bit down on another towel. Just to pee. 3 days after my surgery, I wound up in the ER with a 104 degree fever and a bladder infection. 2 weeks after my surgery, I returned to work. 9 weeks after my surgery, I finally felt normal again and pain free.

Thinking back on January 2011 brings tears to my eyes. But what makes me actually cry, is the fact that yesterday I scheduled my second laproscopic procedure to remove endometriosis. All in the hopes that after this surgery, my ovaries and tubes will be clear and I’ll finally be able to conceive. But nothing is 100%. I am scared to death.

That being said, I am so blessed that E will be by my side the entire time. By some miracle of God, he is able to get out of work and a very intense training for about a week to take care of me. I have 3 girl friends taking a day off to spend it with me while I recover. I have family that is trying to arrange schedules to be here.

So here goes nothing. January 15th I will kick endometriosis’ ass once again. Baby G will be here before we know it. I have faith that everything will happen in God’s timing.