Sunday Thankfulness


Today I am thankful for…

Having the windows open and hearing birds chirping
Moving into a new & bigger office at work this week
The porch swing I snagged for $30 for our new home
Moving in 6 days
Family and friends that try so hard to understand my struggles
My struggles, because they have made me stronger and brought me closer to God
Financial stability
Kent State University, because it taught me about love, loss, triumph, heartache, and gave me some of the most amazing memories
Also because it taught me how to do a proper keg stand, how to say NO to frat boys and how to dance until it doesn’t hurt anymore
My doctor, who has been a God send this entire journey
My amazingly hilarious and handsome husband

If nothing else this journey has taught me to count my blessings. I am so blessed and I am so fortunate for this life. I know God will continue to bless us and someday soon we will have a baby. All in His timing.




Too often we focus on our problems in life, the minor to major annoyances, the aches and pains. This journey has taught me that survival is dependent on my ability to stay thankful. E and I have a little routine, every single day we talk about things that make us happy and good things that happened that day. If you are struggling with anything, I encourage you to try the same! Say it out loud, “I am thankful for…”

Today I am thankful for:
Coffee and blue berry muffins
Fur babies who snuggle with me when they know I’m in pain
A husband who always keeps my on my toes
Laughing with E about any and everything
Sunday mornings watching bad tv
Aleve and a bubble bath that helped calm my pain at 5am
Parents that gave me a fairy tale childhood
3 Siblings that make me laugh
A job to dread going to tomorrow morning
Friends that make that job bearable
Living in the south after 27 brutal winters in Ohio
This journey, that will undoubtedly teach me to cherish the children I WILL have one day!